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BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

Posted on: November 13, 2011 9:24 am
Edited on: November 13, 2011 4:09 pm
The BCS projections are up for this morning.  I have Stanford dropping to 9th, just above Houston, and Boise State down to 12th after each team suffered its first loss of the season yesterday.

Voters could be in a conudrum if Oklahoma St goes down, especially if it's Oklahoma that beats them.  Right now, lined up behind No. 2 Oklahoma St is Alabama and Oregon, each of which suffered its only loss of the season at the hands of No. 1 LSU.  Voters looking to avoid a rematch may have no good option except the Sooners.

Also, Houston is now in the cat-bird seat for the non-AQ at-large spot.  Even if the Cougars lose, Boise St would not be eligible unless someone beats TCU and the Bronocs are at least league co-champions.  BCS rules say that the non-AQ spot is reserved for a conference champion.,

All data is projected top 25 in each ranking component except the Harris and coaches' polls, Colley and Sagarin, which are actual data through yesterday's games.

The coaches poll showed Boise State doing better than I expected, so I have re-projected Harris to reflect similar thinking.  The result of that has the Broncos now 10th, ahead of Houston.  That does not impact the AQ status for either team.

The Harris poll will was pretty similar.  Stanford is seventh in Harris, but ninth in the coaches' poll.  Virginia Tech is the opposite.

The official BCS release will be at about 8:30 PM ET.


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Posted on: November 15, 2011 10:42 am

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

Just imagine if there was a 16-team playoff. Conference champ from each of the 11 conferences get an auto bid, and then the top 5 remaining at-large teams in the BCS standings. All seeds determined by the BCS standings.
Here's what it looks like going into week 12: 

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Posted on: November 14, 2011 10:09 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

Hey Edwards 1989; bro, I hope you read my entire bowl prediction rant and finally realized I was just messing with you. It was a poor attempt at humor so as to bring light to the ridiculousness of Jerry Palm's bowl projections. Still think Michigan will go to a BCS Bowl before the Hogs though. I would love to reveal my sources but I swore that I would never rat them out.

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Posted on: November 14, 2011 1:00 am

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

neveroverpar -- I was referring to those who feel OU will beat Ok St and that someohow then OU belongs in the BCS title game...  given the loss to Texas Tech, the loss of key personnel and that Ok St seems the stronger team, there is a reasonable expectation they reach the title game.  The other undefeated team, not getting the high human poll results, is Houston.

The Alabama/LSU game, as I have posted in other places, did not impress with either team in that game of field goals where neither team was particularly even proficient in kicking field goals.  Stanford looked (last week, now past tense) better, Boise was (past tense again) looking better (and several years of performance), Ok St looked better (and I felt and feel could put more points on the Tide and Tigers), Oregon was improved and settling in since their opening loss to LSU...

Point was... I think LSU doesn't survive to present at the BCS title as an undefeated team...  Razorbacks may get them and I think Georgia takes them in the SEC title game...  Alabama, appparently those impressed by the near draw with LSU...  gets a second loss to Auburn...  just IMO...

So why not Ok State and Houston if they are indeed the last two undefeated programs.  This makes me an egghead?  Whatever...  we'll see...

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 9:05 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

@edwards, you did not read my rant very well.  My beef is not to say Hogs should be #1 or #2 right now, my beef is the idiot opinion(s) that completely dicount Arkansas as legit NC contender.  In the scenario that I am touting which is the same as any other NC contender  Hogs would have beaten LSU, South Carolina, A&M and Auburn.  Fact is they were all ranked teams. One lost to Bama on the road we had both DE's out that game but no excuses.  I haerd on BCS countdown ho wthey were dissing hogs for having to come back against A&M, well so did Okie State.  Remind me who has Okie State beat?  What about OU?  Both team sare toiuting best wins as TYexas and Kansas State!!! Give me a break. You have got to be smarter than that.   Top 5 right now should be

2 OSU - Not that they are #2, ut because of being undefeated they deserve with this crappy BCS system
3 Bama
4 Arkansas
5 Oregon - I would not call a person an idiot if they had Oregon 4 and Hogs 5.

But what is about to make me jump out the window is the fact that if Hogs beat LSU & finish 11-1 like Bama & LSU, that there are those they say Hogs should not be NC game or BCS!!!


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Posted on: November 13, 2011 8:35 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

Hog Authority...chill due. Dont get crude on us; it is just his opinion. Arkansas has only lost one game but come on get real they didnt beat Alabama then and they wouldnt now. If you are realistic you know you havent really beaten anybody. Texas A&M is in free fall and Auburn just got hammered by Georgia by a zillion points; a team you had to come from behind to beat. So who is left on your resume that the bowl guys are supposed to be impressed with? And by the way if not for Vandy's miscues they would have beaten you. Congrats on capitalizing on their mistakes and Vandy is no longer the doormat of the SEC but come on. If by some miracle your team pulls off a monumental upset in Baton Rouge then you can brag but unless and until that happens you just happen to beat up on SEC teams which are not very good.

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 8:23 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

dk - havent a clue who your "sources" are but like some of these sportswriters all of these predictions are premature to say the least. I cant understand why your sources and Jerry Palm have Michigan in a BCS Bowl? Are you kidding me? I am not an Arkansas fan by any means but to put Mich in that bowl in front of Arkansas even if they lose to LSU is absurd. What has Mich done to merit a BCS bowl? They beat a pretty decent Notre Dame team in the final 30 seconds. Congrats to them and shame to Notre Dame because they were hammering the maize and blue until that point. Florida hasnt played Fla State yet and if the game is a blowout on either end no one will match them up again. Oh and Mich State who beat Mich gets the Peach Bowl while Mich gets a BCS bowl? Again, better get some new sources. I do think Okie State and LSU are in the NC game. No way Oklahoma beats them. They lost by a mile to TT and Okie State nearly won the game by triple digits.

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 8:11 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

Palm, for weeks I tried to read your projections with some sense of calm.  No mas senor.  You are a A Hole.  You did not even mention Arkansas?  Not sure of your spin but for sure it is not balanced.  You are projecting on what you think will be pretty and how you can justify, not about rating all of the teams and their players performance. Hogs may not win out Mr. Jerk. but the fact is that they do deserve the respect to be in consideration because whether you like it or not LSU must beat Arkansas for BCS, something they failed to do last year.  If Arkansas had lost to Texas Tech at home, they may even be in top 20 in your bias world.  Fact is we lost to Bama on the road early in season and yet it is OU this and OU that.  I am sick of it... Whew I feel better :-)

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 7:54 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

the smurfs are a thing of the past........get used to it.......kellen moore is gone.....thats all they had

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 6:58 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

OU in the BCS NC game is ludicrus! if they can't beat TXTech, in norman, they have no business playing in a BCS bowl period! little alone the NC!? what in the wide wide world of sports did OK State due to this so-called BCS expert? I can think of at least 7 teams who would deserve to go to the NC game before them! the only way ou should get in is if everyone else curretly in top ten all end up with two losses

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 6:52 pm

BCS projections, Nov.12, Stanford, Boise fall

bgtaylor4...look at the HUMAN polls egghead, OK State is 2nd in both... 

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